Clinical Psychologist Assessment 

A summary of our psychological assessment: 

The initial assessment is used to gather a detailed overview of what the main concerns and difficulties are regarding the young person. Additional information regarding family history and previous support is also obtained. The purpose of this is to inform any therapeutic interventions and recommendations moving forward. The Clinical Psychologist speaks with both parents/carers and children, to ensure that all information gathered considers both perspectives. 
Once the main concerns have been identified, a mini-mental state evaluation is conducted – this explores day-to-day factors such as mood, sleep, and appetite. A standardised clinical risk assessment will also be conducted to identify any potential areas of risk for the young person. Depending on what the Clinical Psychologist deems appropriate, additional screening measures and assessments may also be utilised during the assessment. 
When all relevant information has been gathered, a set of therapeutic goals will be identified, and the Psychologist will outline their initial recommendations for therapy moving forward. 
Once an assessment has been completed, all clients will receive a summary report (within 7-10 days) outlining details from the assessment and the suggested recommendations. 
To discuss your support needs in confidence please do not hesitate to contact us. 
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