In 2020 a study looking at the mental health of children and young people in the UK found there has been an increase of ‘probable mental health disorders’ since 2017. In 2017 it was highlighted that 1 in every 9 of the young people participating were likely to be experiencing an undiagnosed mental health disorder. Results from the latest follow up show this has now increased to every 1 in 6. 
This highlights that there is a growing need for children and young people to have access to mental health professionals who can offer help, support or treatment before these disorders cause lasting damage to the young person’s mental health. 
The NHS continues to be stretched and mental health services underfunded, as a result it is becoming increasingly difficult for services to meet the mental health needs of both children and adult populations. For children in particular this is worrying as untreated or undiagnosed mental health issues can have an impact on the developing brain, which continues into the early 20’s. 
It is estimated that an initial appointment for non-emergency mental health issues in children and young people can take up to 9 weeks. For those who need specialist intervention, it has been recently reported that this wait can be over a year. The BBC recently reported that over 1,500 children were still waiting to be seen in 2021 after being referred for a therapeutic service in 2020. 
Seven Care offers a therapy pathway that provides an initial consultation with one of our clinical psychologists within the first week of a referral being received. Private mental health counseling provides an alternative way for children and young people to receive the support they desperately need without long waiting lists that can cause even more damage to their mental health. 
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