I think it can be important for autistic people to get assessed for several reasons. Autism covers a spectrum so it will be different for everyone and there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer. However, I will be listening some potential reasons why it can be a good idea. 
For many people it can help the person understand themselves because many of them will feel different from everyone else. Having a diagnosis will likely mean they have answers to these questions. If there’s a parent of a young child who’s being diagnosed: it can help the parent to understand their child better as well. 
A diagnosis can also be important as a way to get support for a person. With a diagnosis they can get necessary support at school, College, University or work. 
It can also be used as an explanation when you behave in ways that other people might not understand. If you can explain to them that you’re autistic they will have an explanation and perhaps reasonable adjustments can be made. 
Now, not every autistic person will feel they do need a diagnosis. if someone has lived a successful adult life and has never been diagnosed they may likely think they don’t feel they don’t need one. I even know a few people in their 70s who are probably on the spectrum but have no desire to be assessed. 
It ultimately comes down to the question ‘Would a diagnosis be helpful?’ If a person feels it would be useful as a way to get support and/or understanding then a diagnoses might be worth it. 
I had a very early diagnosis. My parents found out about my diagnosis long before I did and for me it absolutely was necessary. I had developmental delay and a lot of challenging behaviours. 
There are ways you can access support when you have received a diagnosis. 
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