An effective treatment plan begins with an in-depth assessment. An assessment isn’t just about talking about the presenting problem, it allows the clinician to explore many areas that can influence therapy even down to if the person is ready to have therapy or counselling. During an assessment you might be asked a range of different questions from how well you sleep at the minute to whether other members of your family have experienced similar issues to yourself. You may even be asked about your upbringing and early relationships. It may feel a little probing but the information provides a very important viewpoint; the bigger picture. Mental health problems are very rarely caused by a singular defining moment, often they develop from many different factors and experiences. Assessments at Seven Care Services are carried out by one of our fully qualified clinical psychologists who are HCPC registered (this is a register of health and care professionals). 
Following the assessment, a report is compiled by our doctors based on the information given. The report will detail whether the professional believes some form of counseling or therapy would be of benefit, and will also put forward recommendations with an initial plan. It is likely that the counselling or therapy recommended can be carried out by the team at Seven Care Services, however this isn’t possible the report will also signpost patients to outside professionals or organisations. Being a private pathway, the assessment and report does come with a cost of £150, however the time it takes to carry out the assessment and write the report is reduced to around a week after the point of initial referral. This process in the NHS with current waiting times could take years. 
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